The Bloodstone Boating Collection

Heritage, luxury and colour come together as one in The Bloodstone collection; to present a range of delightfully vibrant blazer stripes.
The blazer has played a fundamental role in the fine Englishman's wardrobe since the 19th century with its origins in Cambridge, England. Established as a colourful garment to distinguish oneself, the blazer has become and unequivocal fashion statement, whilst being synonymous with the world's elite colleges and sports teams.
This rich British history is embraced in The Bloodstone collection, providing a range with true British heritage and provenance. The cloth is woven in the heart of Yorkshire, using the skills and craftsmanship developed over centuries. The result is a fine Merino blazering, with superior handle and drape. Constructed in a Venetian weave it celebrates the intrinsic qualities of Merino wool and intensifies colour in a captivating manner.